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Book of Remembrance
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Please pray for the souls of the faithful departed from our parish whose anniversaries take place this month and in the near future.

Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them
May they rest in peace.
Book of Remembrance
Enter the name for this tabbed section: January
Leo Fullbrook
1stSydney Hopkins
2ndBernard Ward
2ndFrederick Woodhouse
4thAustin Griffith
4thAthlene O Connell
7thMichael Simpson
9thJohn OReagan
9thJoan Applin
12thEdward Sheehan
15thEileen Innes
15thEileen Innes
16thAngela Belford
16thJack Brookes
19thAudrey Morris
21stDiane Harper
22ndPhilip Given
24thEmily McLellan
24thJoan Donovan
25thDick Brennan
26thMarion Jones
27thAnne Marie Bossy
28thVincent Webb
Enter the name for this tabbed section: February
Mick Webb
2ndMary Chesshire
2ndNicholas Dodd
3rdBecky Hulme
4thVal Burgess
5thTommy Kelly
8thDerek Bubb
8thMollie Lea
9thGeorge Hammond
12thTom Ward
13thJack McLellan
14thKen Cottrill
16thJosie Quinn
18thSamuel & Ruth Carter
19thCatherine Utteridge
19thPatrick Casey
20thDesmond Martin
21stWinifred Ruane
22ndMary Restall
25thPeter Doyle
26thJohn Cawley
26thMargaret Mulrennan
26thGlen Burgess
27thMartin Moylan
27thCyril Smith
28thThomas Lawless
28thVera Price
28thJoyce Needham
28thCarmel O'Connor
29thKeith Denison
Enter the name for this tabbed section: March
Bunty Coxon
Charlotte Lowey
Judith Whitmarsh
1stArthur Innes
1stWinnie White
1stTom Carolan
1stBetty Burleigh
4thPatrick Kinsella
4thKay Jay
4thMary Webb
5thHonor Kenny
8thMary Britt
8thPatrick Manion
10thJoan North
10thMargaret Smith
11thFr. Christopher Thornton
13thJohn Perry (Snr.)
13thJack Utteridge
15thPeter Doyle
16thMaureen Martin
16thKathleen Casey
17thMarjorie Fullbrook
17thSean Collins
17thTom Murray
19thAlex Abell
20thThomas Murray
20thLeon Chesshire
22ndTimothy O'Sullivan
27thAlison Taylor
29thReginald Branson
30thPatrick Flynn
Enter the name for this tabbed section: April
Margaret Ruddy
Rose Carolan
1stPaul McAuley
3rdHanna Sheehan
5thWilliam Greenwood
5thPatrick Commins
7thCarol Kelly
9thDelia Murray
11thFrank Smith (Senior)
11thHilda Taft
11thKay Fisher
12thPatrick Ruane
14thCharles Keane (Senior)
14thEvelyn Denison
14thPatrick Ruddy
18thAnn Patricia Cotterill
18thDorothy Perry
18thTerry McLellan
19thMarion Richards
21stTim Cahill
26thArthur Fairbrother
30thSheila Buckland
30thJohn Scott
30thPatrick Flynn
Enter the name for this tabbed section: May
Richard Townsend
Doris Newson
1stTim Clifford
8thMatthew Tanner
8thBridget Brookes
9thNini Brennan
9thBridie Deeley
10thJocelyn Hawker
12thMargaret Hills
13thJohn Crouch
13thBert Belford
15thReg Williams
15thOwen Walsh
15thLaurie Price
17thKerry OShea
18thFred Chesshire
19thAnne Storey
20thRose Doyle
20thLinda Ruane
21stMona Cambridge
22ndTerry Brookes
25thVal Pugh
26thMichael Ruddy
27thTeresa Arikat
31stHazel Taylor
Enter the name for this tabbed section: June
Harold Perks
Monsignor Bernard Robinson
Reverend Timothy Cronin
Doris Carmody
2ndAlice Cuthbert
3rdAudrey Coulson
6thChristopher Hughes
6thPeter Abell
6thAisling OToole
6thRichard Fulham
7thFrank Holden
8thMonica Griffith
9thNorah Flynn
10thFather Frank Calderbank
12thAnne Keane
12thTony Bushell
12thJackie Powell
14thAndy Hinchliffe
17thMarie Hession
22ndEnid Clifford
28thTony McAtamney
29thDorothy Hodgkinson
30thJohn Ridley
30thJim Donovan
Enter the name for this tabbed section: July
Chris Green
6thMichael Chesshire
9thMerlyn Foxen
11thFr. Anthony Maguire
12thAudrey Quigley
12thVeronica Cooper
13thSydney Burley
13thMary McAuley
14thPeter Kelly
15thMargaret Bixby
16thIsabel Kuzminski
19thRichard Brennan
21stHoward Peat
25thFrancis Clements
26thGary Patterson
26thJanina Shakespeare
27thThomas Casey
27thRosina Hopkins
31stMaria Powditch
Enter the name for this tabbed section: August
1stMary Fairbrother
1stMary Lechose
2ndWasyl Hunka
4thRodney Crossley
8thAdrian C. Belford
10thSheela Burchill
11thKay Bushell
11thFather Dennis Manion
13thPearl Carey
15thVictims of the Omagh Bombing
17thRon Lea
18thMonsignor Bernard Manion
18thDiana Turner
19thShirley Thomas
20thRosaline Stretton
20thMariam Joseph
21stNorman Tatum
21stOsmund Hayhurst
22ndJean Jaques Viset
22ndBetty Commins
23rdMargaret Scott
24thJack Cotterill
31stClara Corinne Power
31stBaby Clara Corinne Power
Enter the name for this tabbed section: September
2ndConnie Plater
9thAmelia Scott
9thGeraldine Delaney
12thJoseph Arikat
12thGeorge Deeley
12thKen Selby
13thMary Watson
15thJohn V. Bowen
18thTony McDonald
22ndBunty Chesshire
27thMargaret Kiernan
28thJohn Walsh
28thLaurie Hall
30thElla Chesshire
Enter the name for this tabbed section: October
1stHelen Plater
3rdAileen Driffield
6thTimothy Eaton
7thSean Casey
7thGraham Jones
7thEdna Allen
7thPeter Clarke
10thSeamus Gannon
11thGordon Edward Burleigh
13thIrene Burke
13thJoan Burke
13thJohn Santos
14thBrian Carroll
14thDorothy Peat
17thMary Jay
17thMargaret Cross
18thClare Given
20thLily Hammond
20thJean Mitchell
21stVictoria Branson
21stChris Pugh
21stMichael Kenny
26thCatherine Moylan
26thFrank Britt
28thHarold Jones
28thIrene Hunka
30thSteve Riley
31stCatherine McGovern
31stSimon McGrath
Enter the name for this tabbed section: November
Catherine Mailand
1stDeacon Paul Grosvenor
2ndDorothy Artingstall
3rdWinnie Kelly
3rdKate McGovern
4thTom Glynn
4thHerbert Bridge
5thFr. Anthony Brisland
6thLillian Carroll
6thCathy Doolan
7thEric Restall
8thEleanor McGinn
9thCanon Patrick Smith
9thJames McGovern
10thMargaret Cunningham
10thJack Cambridge
14thAnn Greenwood
15thJean Graves
16thWalter Foxen
17thMartin Fitzgerald
18thMichael Cronin
19thJean Clarke
19thSusan Hall
20thGladys Holmes
20thPeggy Garnham
21stJim Kiernan
22ndMary Reid
22ndMary Slattery
22ndJoseph Martin
24thJack Harper
28thJack McLean
30thMary Richards
30thMargaret Kinsella
30thRita Weston
Enter the name for this tabbed section: December
Valerie Harris
Patricia Westerman
Mary Howell
1stDennis Clifford
1stJohnnie Kelly
2ndJohn Burke
3rdFrederick Garnham
4thTeresa Arikat
4thJohn White
5thBaby Dixon
5thBernard Freyne
6thJames & Daisy Cone
8thCaroline Giles
8thPeter Carroll
8thDenis Moroney
10thDavid Scannell
11thMary Hayhurst
12thCyril Howse
14thAustin Ruddy
14thBernard White
15thSarah Coss
18thBeatrice Howse
19thAlec Plater
19thMajorie Mayer
21stAnnie Chesshire
22ndTed Doyle
23rdHelen Hopkins
24thJohn Rahill
25thLeslie Giles
25thIan Stewart
26thJessie Rose Cotterill
26thSheila Maguire
27thAllison Taylor
28thGeorge Ritchie
29thJohn Farmer
31stFredrick Woodhouse
31stMargaret Martin
If you would like someone added to our book of remembrance, please use the Contact form found here.

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