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Parish Event Archive: Christmas and Easter Messages
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Each Christmas and Easter, our parish priest writes a special message to the parish reflecting on the two most important times of the Churches year. These messages are published in our seasonal newsletters which can be viewed here. They are also available on our website below. Click on the buttons below to read the messages.
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Easter Message 2013
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The Bible tells us that when the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb, was found rolled away, a great event unfolded. This stone, which had secured the tomb tightly, was not rolled away to allow Jesus could leave. It was rolled away so that Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene and the other women could witness the great power of His resurrection. As they approached the tomb they saw an amazing sight, one which changed their lives forever. They were filled with new power and zeal and wanted to run quickly to spread the Good News that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead, Today, it is their witness that we still believe and hold close to our hearts. After the stone that had sealed the tomb was rolled away, the hearts and minds of the disciples were enlightened and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them. They gave up their livelihoods, their possessions, and everything they had, for the love of Christ and spoke boldly about His salvation as they preached the Good News.

In our own times, Jesus still moves obstacles that bar our way like the stone that sealed the tomb. He invites us to be like Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene, and see His truth in a new way, with fresh eyes and a faith that comes to life once again. During this Year of Faith, Jesus invites us to grow in a deeper relationship with Him and bear witness to Him. Just as our Lord opened “the door of faith” (Acts 14:27) to the early apostles, he opens that same door to all of us.

However, sometimes we are faced with stones in our lives which keep us away from growing in our faith or bearing witness to Christ. It could be stones of hardship, sickness, sadness, fear, loneliness, lack of faith, or lack of zeal. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to all of us to enable us to overcome our obstacles and walk with the Spirit. It is by the power of Christ’s resurrection that we can consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God.

To have the stone rolled away means we no longer live in the darkness of sin, but live in the light, according to the grace we have been given. Just as Jesus rose from the dead to new life, we too are challenged to live a new life, filled with the Holy Spirit. “Like as Christ was raised from the dead… so we also should walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:4).

In order to fully embrace this new life in Christ, and become powerful and credible witnesses for Him, we must pursue holiness. To grow steadily in holiness, we need our own personal encounter with Jesus through prayer each day. This Easter, let us ask our Lord to roll the stones in our life away so that we can clearly see Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, and bear witness to Him.

May the Risen Lord strengthen us, guide us, and bless each one of us and our families. Alleluia!

Fr. Soji Olikkal
Priest in Charge
Easter 2013

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