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Parish Event Archive: Christmas and Easter Messages
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Each Christmas and Easter, our parish priest writes a special message to the parish reflecting on the two most important times of the Churches year. These messages are published in our seasonal newsletters which can be viewed here. They are also available on our website below. Click on the buttons below to read the messages.
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Christmas Message 2011
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It is the time of thanksgiving and rejoicing again. A time when we look to Our Father in heaven with gratitude to say ‘thank you’ for sending His only Son to save us all from sin. If Jesus had not come into this world, there would be no redemptive sacrifice that was paid on the cross for our salvation.

But Jesus did come for us as foretold by the prophets Isaiah and Malachi. In this Advent season, we commemorate His birth – God taking a human form to live amongst us and show us how much He loved us. He was born for a divine purpose- to reconcile us to God; but there was no room for Him at the inn for His birth; there was room for Him only on the cross. Had the innkeeper known he was about to receive the King of the universe, he would have made all the arrangements to make room for the Holy family. That leaves us with the thought that we must make enough room for Jesus to enter into our hearts this Christmas season.

In the gospel of Luke, we read how the angels of heaven heralded the happy news of the Saviour to the shepherds. On receiving the news from the angels, the shepherds hurried to meet the promised Messiah and on meeting their Saviour, they went out to tell people about baby Jesus. And this is the true message of Christmas- to tell the world about our Saviour. Jesus was born with a mission and purpose. This Christmas, let us all be part of that mission and plan. Let Jesus be born again in our hearts and in the lives of our dear and near ones.

As we prepare to celebrate this Christmas together as a parish, I thank God for your generous support, active participation, and kind cooperation. May this Christmas be a time of
sharing, peace and joy in our families and among our friends.

My prayer for all in our Parish this Christmas is that our Lord Jesus will give each one of us the grace and strength we need to continue in our Parish and community. May baby Jesus
give us the grace to make peace, rejoice, and love one another and walk forward together into the New Year.

I wish you all a very blessed and Happy Christmas and God’s choicest blessings upon you and your family in the New Year.

Fr. Soji Olikkal
Priest in Charge
Christmas 2011

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