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Parish Event Archive: Christmas and Easter Messages
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Each Christmas and Easter, our parish priest writes a special message to the parish reflecting on the two most important times of the Churches year. These messages are published in our seasonal newsletters which can be viewed here. They are also available on our website below. Click on the buttons below to read the messages.
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Christmas Message 2007
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The Christmas of 2007 has just arrived before our eyes. Every year it appears! What new things will it bring? Is it different from other years? What will be the message that we get from this Christmas?

The first Christmas was a challenge for many people of that time. Those people never expected that the Son of Man would be born in a manger. They were expecting him to be born in a royal palace. However, the shepherds were told “You will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger.” - a sign of simplicity and of poverty.

By His birth in a manger, Jesus is challenging all of us who live a comfortable life filled with so many luxurious things. Christmas is an occasion to reflect about our lifestyle. If we are following the lifestyle of Jesus, our life has to be simple and humble. We have to practice the gospel of the manger in
all its simplicity and poverty. With thousands starving and dying each day, we cannot celebrate Christmas by shopping for unnecessary things.

Christmas should also be an occasion to be grateful for each other. Over the last year, many people have entered each of our lives providing many different types of support. We should thank God for them. and the help they have given us.

This year has been a year with so many blessings for our parish. As priest in charge of Blessed Robert Grissold community, I want to thank all of you for your kind support and many hours of service in different activities of parish life. Without these continuing efforts, we will never reach up to the level of growth and progress our parish needs.

This Christmas I wish that the Child Jesus will be born in our hearts and families. Let His peace reign in us.

Fr. Sebastian Arikat
Priest in Charge
Christmas 2007

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