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Welcome to the website of Blessed Robert Grissold Catholic Church in Balsall Common. Here you can find details of the parish, our latest newsletter, services and sacraments offered by the Church and, in our parish archive, the events we have held. As a parish we value your privacy. Please follow the link here to learn more about the privacy policy that covers all catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Birmingham,
Father Frank writes
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The feast of Christ the King, which the holy Church throughout the world celebrates today, brings to a close the Church’s liturgical year. Our image of a monarch tends to be of one who lives a privileged life and lords it over others. Christ our King is not like that. He came to serve, not to be served and he wants us to imitate him in his loving service of others. That is why, as St. John of the Cross said: “In the evening of life we shall be examined on love.” If to love and to serve our neighbour is heavenly, hell is the suffering of one who can no longer love.
Masses at Blessed Robert Grissold in time of the pandemic

Out of care for the welfare of others please social distance, wear a mask and sanitise hands:

Please stay at home if...
+ You are feeling ill or show any symptoms
+ You suspect you may be ill or have been exposed to Covid 19
+ You have a sick family member at home
+ You have come into contact with someone who is infected

Those attending will be asked to supply contact details for track and trace

Please Note:
+ In the first instance, attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Once capacity has been reached the stewards will prevent entry
+ Wrap up warm (if necessary) - doors and windows will be left open to increase ventilation wherever possible
The Diocesan Vision: Unfolding God’s Plan
You may recall a Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Bernard Longley was read out at Mass a few weeks ago. It outlined the vision for the Archdiocese as we move forward. Leaflets explaining The Diocesan Vision: Unfolding God’s Plan will be available to take away this weekend. Please pick up a copy for yourself, and take copies for those who are unable to come to Mass. More information on the Vision is available on the Diocesan website here.

Parish Events

Looking for the rest of the Parish Event List? We have archived the list from our old site but you can still view them here.
07.08.2016Father EdA warm welcome to Father Ed O'Connell, a Columban Father, who will be presiding at the Mass today. Father Ed will also talk to us about the work he is doing with the poor in Lima, Peru. Our Parish have been helping Fr. Ed for 16 years with our Breakfasts and money from our Bottle.
07.08.2016Candle of DedicationThe dedication for this week is for Jo Nijst
07.08.2016Services this weekPlease note that there is a Eucharistic Service at 10.00am on Tuesday and normal weekday Mass service is resumed on Wednesday 10th August with Mass at 7.00pm followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and meditations until 8.00pm. There will be a 10.00am Mass on Thursday.
14.08.2016Please pray forAdrian Stewart and Frank Clements, recently departed and for all those who mourn their passing. Their Requiem Masses will be held at Blessed Robert Grissold on Thursday and Friday of this week at 11.30 a.m.
14.08.2016Candle of DedicationThe dedication for this week is for Delia Murray and Diana Turner
21.08.2016Candle of DedicationThe dedication for this week is for Delia Murray and Diana Turner
21.08.2016Finance Committee MeetingThere will be a meeting of the Finance Committee after Mass today
21.08.2016100 Club WinnersAugust's draw winners are: 1st: No. 56 (Rory Murtagh) - £75; 2nd: No. 11 (Kathy Jones) - £45; 3rd: No. 26 (Eileen Innes) - £30
28.08.2016Lourdes VisitRos Cawley, Chris Mitchell & Maureen Carroll are going to Lourdes next Friday. They will be staying at Hosanna House, a House owned by H.C.P.T. in Bartres near Lourdes. During their week's stay they will remember you all. Do remember them in your prayers. If you have a petition you wish them to take, please give it to either Ros or Chris. Thank you
04.09.2016Candle of DedicationThe dedication for this week is for Joanna Gibbs and Hosanna House Group 524
10.09.2016Deanery Readers' Day Saturday 10th September 10am – 4pm, Leamington SpaFor Readers and anyone interested in becoming a Reader. This is a chance to explore in more detail, the Ministry of Reader and your place in it. For more details, please see the notice board or contact Kate Tennyson on 01926 314077, or email There is a letter of invitation for all readers, at the back of church. If you are not yet a reader but wish to attend, please contact Kate as above to obtain detail
11.09.2016Children's Liturgy Rota (Help needed)Please can parishioners (particularly parents of young children) give some thought to joining our children's liturgy rota? You are welcome to volunteer as a leader or a helper, or both! New child protection rules mean that we need to have two vetted people in every session we run, and without more volunteers we will have weeks when we are not able to run a session. The vetting procedure is very simple. Please speak to Louise Perry or Kathryn Driffield if you can help
15.09.2016Parish Council MeetingThere is a meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm on Thursday 15th September in the church hall.
18.09.2016Baptism todayThe Baptism of Oliver Westwood will take place today at 11 am today
18.09.2016LourdesChris, Ros & Maureen returned back last Friday having had a very good week at Hoanna House in Lourdes. We did remember you all there. We thank you for your prayers. Maureen did light your candles that you asked her at Easter. Apologies for the delay!
24.09.2016Balsall Common Festival Tombola SaturdayWe urgently need more bottles for our stall. At the moment we only have 102 and have only two weeks to make up the number to 300. Can you please support us over the next two Sundays and bring whatever you can. Thank you
25.09.2016Candle of DedicationThe dedication for this week is for Joe Sheen
25.09.2016Quavers Children’s ChoirThe children’s choir practice will restart this week after mass. All welcome
25.09.2016IntinctionIt has been brought to my attention that some are dipping the consecrated host into the precious blood of Christ at Holy Communion. This practice is forbidden. If you do not wish to drink from the chalice then just receive Communion in one kind. To receive Communion in one kind is to receive a full Communion. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Father Frank
25.09.2016Family Ministry Project WorkerThe Archdiocese wishes to appoint someone to this full-time post based at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham. For further details contact 0121 360 8118
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After an 18-month hiatus, we are now looking to restart our choir so that we can begin to provide some of the music at Sunday Mass. This is a fantastic time to join us for the next chapter in the music ministry for our church. No previous experience is necessary, you don’t need to be able to read music; all you need is to enjoy singing and be willing to attend regular choir practices after Sunday Mass. If you are interested, please contact Ian Clarke: or 07976 731471.
Congratulations to the people of BRG who managed to raise £471.00 for CAFOD - this is a splendid effort.
Please note that the Mass on Tuesday this week will be at 9.30 am to allow Fr Frank to attend the Deanery Clergy Meeting
October is the month of the Rosary and it is a good time therefore to renew our devotion to our Lord and our Blessed Lady through this rich source of prayer.
There are booklets giving details of the work of the Fr Hudson’s Society, the Social Care Agency for our Archdiocese, together with pre-paid envelopes for donations at the back of the church. You can also find more information about their work with children and families, adults with complex needs, and community projects, on their website:, which includes a link to make your donation online.
PLease click on the link to see an update from local Coronavirus Community Champion
Churches Together will be restarting their “Coffee Together” mornings from 2nd October. These are held at the Jubilee Centre from 10:30 – 12:00, and for the price of £2.00 you can enjoy coffee, a wrapped biscuit and a chat with friends old and new. All are welcome. October’s Coffee Together will be hosted by St Peter’s Church; John and Louise Perry will be asking for volunteers to help when it is our church’s turn to host (date to be confirmed but probably in the New Year).
A reminder that this coming Friday is Family Fast Day on behalf of CAFOD. The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing millions of people around the world into poverty and deepened inequality. The poorest and most vulnerable people in the world are also the ones who are being hit hardest by climate change. Harvests are failing. Cities are flooding. Entire communities are finding it harder and harder to survive in the place they call home. By donating to CAFOD this Family Fast Day, you can help communities affected by the worst impacts of the climate crisis. CAFOD works with local experts to help people around the world to adapt to the changing climate and to protect our common home. What we save by going without for one day can help to save the lives of others. Our offerings should be returned next Sunday 3rd October. There are envelopes available for the offerings.
Tuesday 28th September, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm at Blessed Robert Grissold Church. Coffee, tea, cake, soup and scones will be available. There will be a “Bring and Buy – lockdown books and jigsaws” (all in good condition!) and greeting cards on sale. No entry fee but donations are welcome – all profits go to Save the Children. All are welcome
Those who had to postpone Baptism as a result of the pandemic should contact Fr Frank if they are ready for the Baptism to proceed
We are looking for a new co-ordinator for our parish Gift-Aid. The Parish Gift Aid co-ordinator ensures that the Parish receives a sizeable tax refund each year from the Gift Aided contributions of our parishioners. Every assistance and support will be given to anyone who can take on this responsibility. Please contact Fr Frank if you are interested.
We are looking for a new co-ordinator for our 100 Club. The 100 Club is a fun way of raising a significant amount of money each year for the Parish. Every assistance and support will be given to anyone who can take on this responsibility. Please contact Fr Frank if you are interested.
A warm welcome to Fr Michael Dolman, Rector of St Mary’s College Oscott, who will say mass for us again today. Father Bernard McDermott of the Columbans will say mass for us next Sunday.
Today is the Day for Life which supports the dignity of human life and the Church’s teaching. This is especially important this year when a Bill has been introduced into the House of Lord’s on assisted suicide. Please click on the link to view the attached poster for further details
Instruction for children not attending a Catholic school will start on or about 13th September with a view to making Communion in November. Children should be at least 7 years old. Please contact Chris Mitchell: 0774 2288722 or Anne Stewart: 07704 210957
June is the month of the Sacred Heart. Great benefits are promised to those who practice the devotion encouraged by St Margaret Mary, who received a vision of Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart and whose relic rests in our altar. We might even consider consecrating ourselves to the Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end please find in ur newsletter, a Prayer of Consecration, written by St Margaret Mary, which we could pray daily throughout the month of June.
Pope Francis has invited all the faithful to be united in prayer with Our Blessed Lady throughout the month of May in praying for the end of the pandemic. The holy Father has asked us to pray the Rosary daily through the month of May, invoking the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Sunday May 2rd is Pentecost Sunday when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, on the Church.
On Thursday of this week the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. The Ascension crowns Christ’s earthly mission - His heavenly Father welcomes him after his victory over sin and death and glorifies him in heaven. The Ascension marks God’s acceptance of Christ’s work of reparation for our sins. His sacrifice on the Cross is accepted and blessed and the spotless Victim ascends into God’s heavenly presence where he will continue to offer and be offered eternally in a heavenly manner. The Good News is that we ascend with Christ to the heavenly places for he assumed our humanity and has taken it with him into the heart of the love that exists eternally between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As St Paul says: ‘God has raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus’ (Ephesians 2:6).
May is the month of Our Blessed Lady and what better way to celebrate the incomparable beauty of her Christ-like humility and obedience than to pray the Rosary daily - offering up at least a decade each day for the Church, for the world, for our own intentions and in reparation for our sins and those of the whole world?
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